The State of California is a neighborhood property state in the case of the division of property during divorce proceedings. During the time period that the family residence is topic to a deferred sale order, Family Code ยง3809 grants to the family law court jurisdiction to find out any issues that come up with respect to the deferred sale of the home, including however not restricted to the maintenance of the house and the tax penalties as to every social gathering.

As detailed later in this report, the alleged corruption is so pervasive that the family regulation division of Sacramento Superior Court was featured in the 2014 documentary film Divorce Corp The movie documented family court corruption all through the United States and designated Sacramento County as one of the corrupt family courts in the nation.

Unfortunately, my job at the Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family is taking on an growing amount of my time, and I’m afraid I’m simply not in a position to preserve this weblog as up to date as I’d wish to. I’m doing extra writing for organizations like Slaw and LawNow , which is letting me concentrate on principle, access to justice issues and topical public legal training, however can be robbing me of the time I usually have to jot down right here.

Our lawyers, with this professional help, create space for you, allowing you to lean on their ability and expertise, enabling you to step back from the emotional challenges you face as we work together to seek out effective legal options to the matter at hand, with an emphasis on preserving positive family relationships to the best extent doable.


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