A court reporter is someone who needs to have organizational skills and be able to accurately take notes while in the courtroom. This is a person who is responsible for making sure that everything the judge, lawyers and others involved in the trial is recorded as it’s stated. This is important in the event that someone needs to go back at a later date to look at the sentence that was handed down or what a defendant might have said during the trial. Each day is different as there are different cases that are heard in court. The job is a way for the reporter to learn about the justice system.

There are a few programs that are now used to make it easier to record what is said in court. At a time, reporters had to type all of the statements, but now there are programs where the person can speak inside a small microphone. When the person speaks, the program will type everything that is said. The reporter must be able to speak clearly if this kind of program is used. Most court reporting Scottsdale AZ jobs involve using shorthand or a variation so that the person doesn’t have to type every single word as it’s said in the room. However, the information will need to be transcribed at a later time. When the notes are transcribed, they need to be done so in a manner that reflects each statement that was made, so the reporter needs to be able to take exceptional notes if shorthand is used.

In order to be a court reporter, one must have an accuracy rate of at least 97.5%. It helps to have some knowledge of the criminal justice system so that you will know a little more about what is being said, which can help in recording the information that is stated. There are areas where you can do freelance work to see if you would enjoy this line of work as it’s not for everyone. It requires sitting for long periods of time and using the hands on a daily basis while recording.


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