The AQSACOM Lawful Interception System, ALIS, is AQSACOM’s flagship product and has been described by many as the most flexible Lawful Interception Management System available on the market. In 2002, Australian judiciary approved Telecommunications Interception Legislation Amendment Bill which specified the circumstances beneath which it was lawful for legislation enforcement businesses and Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) to intercept communications underneath the authority of a warrant, subject to reporting and accountability mechanisms.

Furthermore a telecommunication service provider is required to install hardware and software facilities and gadgets to enable interception of communications and likewise that the telecommunication service can store communication-associated data and the way the service could be connected with the communication monitoring centre or the manner by which the information can be re-routed to the monitoring centre.

I would note that IMSI catchers are of specific importance to Canadians If forthcoming lawful entry legislation is handed, in a format similar or equivalent to its final drafting, then Canadian police, intelligence, and security officers would be permitted to gather IMSI numbers, using catchers, and subsequently compel subscriber data from Canadian cell phone providers.

It is upon that foundation this weblog discussion introduces Lawful Interception – Cloud/Virtual Services in order that whilst law enforcement and nationwide safety would appear the apparent target market, it would not take that much effort to realise how all the opposite classes by which cell forensics operates equally profit from knowing the subject material.


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