This brief speak will cover the requirements, units and implementation of a compulsory part of our western Internet infrastructure. The NCC claims it is drawing upon powers Section 70 of the 2003 Nigerian Communications Act, which it says present a legal and regulatory framework to allow the lawful interception of communications within the interests of national security, or for the needs of stopping a criminal offense. Our Lawful Interception solutions implements a powerful engine that applies the ideas of biometrics to the sphere of speech analysis. The modular Lawful Interception Management Solution is accessible for the legally compliant monitoring of Voice over IP, Next Generation Networks (NGN), cell telephony, fastened network telephony, e-mail, Internet access, and IP.

Chapter 4 covers cryptography, and for my part, it would not match on the book; although crypto is a key aspect to protect VoIP infrastructures, the novice reader can get this info from different sources. In my opinion, the perfect chapters are chapter 8 and 10 & eleven, Session Border Controllers (SBC’s) and Lawful Interception (LI), respectively; it is difficult to find books overlaying these topics still at this time, though these are two of the key areas regarding VoIP security these days. But typically the system has many checks and balances to ensure that CALEA based intercepts provide exactly what is permitted.

SSI supplies a Lawful Interception Management System as a complete solution that provides state-of-the-artwork surveillance capabilities for fastened and cell communication networks and for varied communication companies, including traditional circuit-switched voice, and Internet-based mostly services like e-mail and VoIP. First and critically vital, the legislation doesn’t present for the circumstances, native warrant or interception order procedures. BlackBerry has over recent years misplaced vital market share to Apple and smartphone distributors utilizing Google’s Android platform.

Despite the objective of the Act being to supply the authorized regime for mutual legal assistance to be given and acquired by Kenya in Kenya in investigations, prosecution and judicial proceedings, the Bill really contains a substantive legal principles that appear to authorise interception of telecommunication information. This should result in lawful interception mandate being applicable equally to all components of the delivery chain, which will drive collaborative habits between the actors. The provisions of the Act on lawful interception don’t conform to the provisions of the Constitution.


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