When people hear about a personal injury accident, they immediately assume that it is going to be a courtroom battle that requires lawyers and other legalities. Fortunately, not all personal injury cases require a lawyer because of different rules and exceptions. Before you head off to court on your own or go and spend a boatload of money hiring an attorney, ask yourself a few questions about the injuries you’ve suffered and whether or not you may need a lawyer.

  1. Are there no-fault laws in your state? In some states, there are no-fault laws, meaning that you are not allowed to sue. In some places, even with the law, the court will allow you to sue based on the severity of your injuries, as well as the cost of expenses required to treat them. You would not need a lawyer if you have sustained minor injuries, but if you believe your injuries rise above the law, you should speak with an attorney.
  2. Are you receiving a settlement already? If you are receiving a settlement from the insurance company already, it is important to find out whether or not you are receiving the largest amount possible. Most insurance companies will only pay out a certain amount, so if you hire an attorney and go to court, if a judge grants you a larger verdict, you will be required to obtain the extra amount from the defendant directly. An attorney can help you decide whether or not it is worth seeking out a bigger settlement.
  3. What kind of injuries did you sustain? One of the biggest problems with personal injury cases is that many people don’t realize that even minor injuries deserve justice. It may seem like an injury you have sustained isn’t as serious as it looks, but it is easy to forget that minor injuries can eventually lead to serious ones. A lawyer can help you understand what will happen if your injuries worsen and how you will be helped in the future, which will be an important step in your recovery.

Lawyers are not only there to help get you justice, but they can be considered a Personal Injury Guide in your journey to feeling better. It is not only helpful for your case to have a lawyer present, but it will also help you feel more comfortable about your situation and where you will wind up after the case is over.

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