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Your postgraduate LLM diploma opens doors to a huge vary of careers. You will develop the abilities required to critically consider research regarding international regulation; abilities that are highly prized by employers within the UK with international pursuits, and by companies legal aid for the upc and organisations based mostly overseas. The analytical and communications abilities developed by your research are a real enhance in any sector. The LLM can be a great stepping stone to PhD examine and academia.

This module will examine the elemental principles which underlie firm legislation and company finance within the UK. It examines what goes on behind the corporate veil; constitutional matters; the duties and liabilities of administrators; shareholders’ rights and cures, capital structures and maintenance, elevating corporate finance by means of debt and equity, and what to do if firms in monetary difficulties. You will investigate and apply principles and rules present in these areas of corporate legislation to novel problems, and real-world and hypothetical scenarios.

The identify of Grotius should always be pre-eminent when we converse of the establislunent of the legislation of nations as a definite physique of doctrine. Many completely different theories have been put forward, typically decided by the up to date vogue in ethical philosophy, or by the writer’s personal philosophical predilections, relatively than by any particular and applicable improvement from inside. It may due to this fact be not quite precise to say, in the accustomed phrase, that all subsequent employees have built on the muse laid by Grotius. But we could safely say that in any respect event he assures the site…Frederick Pollock. The Sources of International Law. L.Q.R. 18:429.


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