The Pittsburgh Intellectual Property Law Association this week named Professor Jacob H. Rooksby as president and presented Duquesne University legislation scholar Christian Angotti with the 2016 PIPLA Student Leadership Award. While regulation school critics rightly level out that the complete employment statistics churned out by the legislation faculties are borderline fraudulent data, no one claims that there is a one hundred% UNemployment price either. Non-profit” solely signifies that nobody owns the residual profits from the law school, there are many stakeholders making out like bandits. I’m a Texas real property attorney who has been bombarded with questions on antagonistic possession ever since the Robinson case was featured on Inside Edition and native news applications.

Does anybody with an IQ above room temperature assume that MitchellHamline Sewer of Law will look good on a rattling diploma?!?! Oh, and I graduated from undergrad from a Land Grant University in three.5 years and from the College of Law at that University in 2.5 years in the prime 1/four of my class in 1977, and it took 2.5 years to find a shit legislation job.

It truly made me doubt what you have been saying until I did the precise analysis and found that the schools are largely scams. That’s a pretty lousy salary for a job that requires three years of graduate faculty schooling. A good personal injury attorney intention is to obtain a sensible and simply outcome. I would not suggest any STEM school main attend law college to grow to be a patent legal professional. Instead, legislation faculties brainwash students into believing amongst different things that liberal causes are silly, and that even when the legal system will get it flawed, some deserving reprobate gets locked up anyway.

Through top notch, research-led legal education, we integrate the research and observe of regulation. But we are able to all agree that the purposes collapse is actually dangerous information for the bottom-tier faculties that depend on putting impressionable asses in seats to keep afloat. Hispanic law associates have barely elevated from four p.c in 2013 to 4.3 % in 2015. For decades, these corporations – even the ones designated as non-profit” – have relied on the law colleges as cash cows.


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