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To begin with. each trials were held in Springfield- Borchers used the identical lawyer and opted every time for jury trials. Although the costs have been technically different (mail fraud and conspiracy in U.S. District Court, theft and official misconduct in Illinois’ seventh Judicial Circuit Court, Sangamon County). both the federal prosecutor, Donald B, Mackay, and the state prosecutor. Wayne Golomb, trotted out almost the same witnesses and produced virtually similar evidence in arguing their circumstances. The defense did likewise.

In their accountings, Sue Katra charged $1,062 for 8 1/2 hours she spent buying a gift and celebrating Simpson’s birthday. She joined Simpson for a Christmas luncheon at a Belmont dementia facility for a $437.50 payment. And when Simpson wanted knee surgery, Katra charged $906.25 for helping with travel and pre-op preparations, and an additional $937.50 the day of surgical procedure — time principally spent driving and within the waiting room.

Brandon: 267. /Show267. You can learn a lot more about 1031s however yeah they’re a incredible solution to scale wealth, to develop up, to kind of—I wish to say you are partnering with the government. The authorities’s like, here, I know you owe us a bunch of money but you have been pretty good with that money so why do not you take why does my business need a conduct surety bond it and put it into your next deal? I’ll partner with you. In Iowa, this document is filed when the actual estate transfer is filed with the county recorder. The Declaration of Value states the full consideration given by the Buyer to the Seller for the property. Type of heating, situation of electrical wiring, gas provide and presence of any exterior power supply, comparable to photo voltaic panels.


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