Bicycle Accidents and Your Legal Rights

We are a Las Vegas law firm that is experienced handling a wide variety of cases. One of our specialties is handling personal injury cases for our clients. Personal injury cases cover a lot of legal territory. For example, our most profound personal injury cases are those that concern bicycle accidents and motor vehicles. We at are very experienced at handling this type of case because many people in the area are bicycle enthusiasts. However, the roads are filled with negligent drivers that cause serious injuries to innocent cyclist. Here is more on that topic.

Most Likely Accident Areas
The average bicycle enthusiast takes to the road several times a week or more. They might travel along several miles of road, without any concern about accidents. The average person might assume that most bicycle accidents are caused by a driver that is speeding out of control. True, many accidents are caused by speeding drivers. Upon further investigation, it should be noted that dangerous intersections are a bigger threat to bicyclists. Usually, it’s one cyclist losing control of their bicycle. Still, several reasons might have led to the cyclist losing control of their bike. One reason, might be due to driver neglect.

Cyclist Should Learn the Rules Of The Road
We firmly believe that the majority of accidents are easily avoided, if the cyclist is able to follow a few basic rules of the road. This is the key to staying safe and avoiding any type of personal injury. For example,

  • Pay attention to traffic lights
  • Follow traffic signs instructions
  • Ride in the bike lane
  • Stay visible to drivers
  • Avoid weaving in and out of traffic
  • Let vehicles have the right of way

Those that do not take the basic precautions, might find that they are blamed by the police for any accident that occurs. Certainly, under those circumstances bringing accident claims against drivers might pose an issue.

Determining Driver Negligence
Often, it is the lawyer that helps their client determine if the driver was truly negligent. Any bicycle rider that was injured in an accident with a motor vehicle has to answer two very important questions. For example, was the automobile driver negligent or did they cause the accident. A negligent driver might have run a stop sign, ignored a traffic light, sped through an intersection, or drove into the bicycle lane, without regard to the safety of others. It is important that the person filing the claim proves absolute negligence on the part of the driver or that they did not follow basic driving laws. On the flip-side, a cyclist’s negligence might prove damaging to their case in a court of law. Cyclist negligence might include riding against traffic or disobeying other road laws.

If you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident, it’s important to hire a legal team that has experience handling bicycle cases successfully. Our firm has litigated hundreds of cases and has the necessary experience to handle your case successfully.…

What is a Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury?

Cerebral Palsy is a medical condition oftentimes the result of nurses and medical professionals failing to follow proper standards of medical care during delivery. Around 10,000 births each year result in a CP diagnosis. Approximately 20% of those diagnosis’ are caused by birth injuries sustained during the delivery process. The condition leads to long-term problems for the child, affecting their ability to independently function for the remainder of their life. You may need the help of Philadelphia cerebral palsy attorneys if your child is diagnosed with the condition.

The Cause of CP
Cerebral Palsy develops after an injury to the baby’s brain. It is most common after a difficult labor, although any birth can result in birth injury is all proper measures for a safe delivery aren’t taken. The injury may be caused before, during, or immediately after birth. In many cases, the birth injury could’ve been prevented had the medical team exercised proper medical care.
CP affects the area of the brain responsible for movements of the muscles. Damage to this area of the brain during delivery may be caused by excessive use of forceps, loss of blood to the area of the brain, loss of oxygen to the brain, premature birth weight, seizures during birth, and sometimes when the mother has diabetes or other infections or diseases. Of course, these examples are just a few of the any that may cause CP.

A child affected by CP can suffer mild or severe injuries. Some children with CP can walk, while others cannot. Some children with cerebral palsy have intellectual disabilities, including difficulties talking, but again, this isn’t the case in every instance of cerebral palsy. All children affected with cerebral palsy have difficulties in their life. There is no cure for CP, although many technologies help the affected child live as normal of a life as possible.
A CP diagnosis may not occur immediately after the birth. In fact, many of the case diagnosis’ aren’t made until the baby is several weeks or months old. This causes further difficulty determining the exact cause of cerebral palsy.
Early signs of cerebral palsy are oftentimes missed by new parents and even medical professionals during prenatal visits. The early signs oftentimes involve muscle and movements, explaining the difficulty of a diagnosis early-on. Most of the symptoms of CP involve developmental delay. It is much easier to diagnose CP as a child begins growing and becoming more active.

What to do Next
If you suspect that your child was injured at birth by a preventable mistake, you should seek the expertise and guidance of a cerebral palsy lawyer. Your child may be entitled to compensation via a medical malpractice case. A free consultation is provided to families to help them better understand what to do after a suspected birth injury. During the free consultation with Philadelphia cerebral palsy lawyers, you’ll discuss your case in great detail and learn how the law firm can be of assistance to you. Your child deserved a fair chance at life, not medical professionals cutting corners. Talk to an attorney, and ensure that you get justice for your child.…